Product & Technology

Panorama Group that has significant depth of knowledge of the electronics technology it has evolved on strong foundation with a distinct edge. Panorama provides a fresh, innovative and dynamic technology-based solutions to security related problems in risk market. Employing highly skilled and trained personnel including hardware and software engineers with core expertise in system integration we... More


Panorama Group has a tradition of excellent customer service across all business. We aim to surpass performance expectations in every job from regular after sales service of entertainment electronics to the most complex projects including installation of HD e-surveillances, major appliance repair, or healthcare service. The Group, besides having a well equipped network of services... More

Newspan & Events-rama

Panorama LEDs redefine CS! (consumer satisfaction Index) as demands outstrip SUP* steadfastly since its launch in May 2013. Panorama CEO will soon break the world soccer championship campaign across diverse media. Panorama Electronics has won a couple of niche installation contracts from various ministries. Ronatenal... More